VivaSal Foods

VivaSal Foods (Pvt) Ltd. was established in 2011 making use of the towering potential of the Panasian Group of companies in adapting to dynamic market requirements through the process of research, evaluation and development. The group developed this diversified business venture by entering the stable and sustainable agro-food line.

VivaSal Foods is now a top of the line Poultry facility which provides safe and healthy broiler chickens to the society at an economical price. It operates an advanced and controlled broiler farm with the capacity of 60,000 birds per flock at a time. The farming cycle runs in loops all year round, supplying around 700,000 to 800,000 Kgs of meat in a year.


Our ambition is to serve the society in reducing the gap between its current and required protein consumption (assessed as very low by WHO) by providing communities with safe, healthy and economically priced chicken, eggs and value added products, and to become the leading supplier of poultry products for the society.


Our mission is to expand our facility to make it a fully vertically-integrated poultry business by the year 2025 with the dual objectives of offering high quality basic and value added poultry products to end- consumers in sync with changing lifestyle trends and fully capitalizing on the poultry market which has an annual growth potential of 10-12% per annum.

Our Operations

Strategically located near Okara, Punjab, our broiler farm adheres to the climatic, hygienic and bio-security requirements of running the business.

  • The birds are raised through a scientific and safe process in a healthy and controlled environment.
  • Special attention is paid to the selection of healthy broiler chicks that are administered with the best vaccinations/medicines to produce healthy chickens.
  • The chicks are fed with high quality feed (acquired from top producers) which consists of natural grains including corn, corn gluten, rice and wheat and oil-seed meals (soya bean, canola and sunflower) supplemented with minerals and multi-vitamins.
  • The stringent bio-security measures reduce the risk of disease transmission through mechanical and physical causative agents.
  • We manage our business efficiently with the finest in class facilities and best practices followed by highly trained and experienced staff.

Our Growth Plan

VivaSal Foods is encouraged by the favorable outcome of producing healthy chickens by following international standards and practices to run our operations. A main factor that contributes to our success lies in the strict observance of key performance indicators such as an optimal feed conversion rate, lowest bird mortality rate (under 4% for the last eight years) and the successful production of the highest yield of chicken, bearing a minimum cost.


Our road map for future growth includes scalability of broiler farming and investing in layer farming, breeding, hatcheries, feed mills and finally, adding value added products to our product mix. This vertical integration is aimed at scaling us up as a fully integrated poultry company in the near future.