VPL Limited

VPL Limited is a leading supplier of premium trucks, buses, construction and mining equipment, engines and generators.

As the premier operating company of the Panasian Group, VPL Limited showcases all the standards and precedents that define the standards of performance excellence expected in both the internal and external affairs of the entire group of companies.

Making use of leading-edge technology and value added services, VPL Limited devises  innovative solutions for customers including consultative sessions, customized application engineering and project feasibilities.

It’s proud association with the internationally acclaimed Volvo Group has affirmed a long-standing relationship over time since Volvo decided to appoint the company as the authorized distributor of several Volvo Group products in Pakistan.


To be valued by our customers as their most enterprising and trusted supply partner that adds profitable and sustainable value to their businesses, and being
recognized for our operating standards as the best in the industry.


Through business excellence, motivation and a collaborative culture, we endeavour to achieve the highest level of customer and employee satisfaction by ingraining a corporate and operational work ethos built on passion, integrity, respect for individuals and care for society and the environment.

Volvo Group Brands Available in Pakistan

Featured an extensive range of premium Volvo rigid trucks and prime movers built for the toughest terrains and weather conditions.

Catering to the premium buses market segment in Pakistan through their super luxury and customized product categories both for Coach & Intercity and Urban applications.

Provides premium construction and mining equipment including  excavators, wheel loaders, articulated and rigid haulers, road development machines and compact construction equipment for construction and related industries.

Offers reliable and fuel efficient Industrial, Generator Drive and Marine Engines manufactured in accordance with ISO 3046 and ISO 8665 standards. Volvo Penta also offers marine generator set systems as composite solutions for a ship’s onboard power requirements

The first Japanese trucks brand to enter the Pakistani market, UD Trucks became a part of the Volvo Group in 2007 and holds a leading position in the long-haulage and construction segments of the country.

Maintaining long-term partnerships with leading global multi-nationals, in addition to the Volvo Group products, VPL Limited is also the authorized distributor of Onis Visa Generators.

The company’s diversified product portfolio addresses the needs of its customers in the fields of commercial transportation, construction, mining, cement, oil, gas and the power segments.